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The Surprising Food that Reduces Heart Disease Risk

March 8, 2017

Pea shoots are rich in nutrients.

Let’s face it:  most of us had a parent who would command us to eat our vegetables.  I recall my mom telling me “eat your spinach, it’s good for you” fairly frequently.  And, I’m sure my childhood wasn’t that different from most peoples’ at least when it comes to the regular parental vegetable i…

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4 Amazing Reasons to Eat More Mushrooms

October 12, 2016

There’s a fungus among us!  When it comes to your health, that’s a good thing if the fungus is an edible mushroom. Much maligned and often shunned simply for looking weird and growing in unusual places, edible mushrooms are potent medicines and delicious additions to a healthy diet.  Here are four r…

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11 Reasons to Love Tomatoes

September 20, 2016

Tomatoes are potent healing foods.

I love tomatoes so it will probably come as no surprise that Curtis and I have been busy canning the gorgeous array of brilliant-coloured tomatoes that are coming up in our garden.  We're at 33 Litres so far...and counting. 

If you haven’t tried many of the heirloom varieties, I encourage y…

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